The Jordan Journey

Brooke Anderson - Becoming a Knowledge Driven Educator

Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss the ISTE Coaching Standard of Data Driven Decision Maker and take a moment to sit down to talk with Brooke Anderson, a teacher specialist focusing on data from Evaluation, Research, and Evaluation. Brooke shares ideas for using data most effectively in our schools to improve student learning. We also discuss the difference between being Data Driven and Knowledge Driven, and the impact those ideas have on classrooms.

Episode Notes

The Jordan School District’s Teaching & Learning department is proud to introduce the Jordan Journey podcast. The Jordan Journey is a monthly education podcast featuring teacher stories from across the Jordan School District in Utah.

In this episode, our hosts Jared Covili and Kiera Beddes sit down with Brooke Anderson.

Over the course of this episode, we discuss the following questions:

  1. Knowledge-Driven v.s. Data-Driven - What does it mean to be knowledge-driven?
  2. How has data impacted your views on education?
  3. What role should qualitative data play in the classroom? Quantitative data?
  4. How can educators use individual data to help students take ownership of their learning goals?
  5. What types of data should teachers use to inform their own professional learning?
  6. How can administrators use data to make a difference in their schools?  How can data play a role in changing school culture?

Don’t forget to listen to our “Pitstop” segment where we shout-out something awesome happening in Jordan School District.

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Special thanks to Ross Rogers for the sound editing and Kiera & Jared  for hosting.